In-depth technology analysis of SMTs

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The main purpose of this review is to offer an in-depth analysis of the key security measures and technologies (SMT's) that are operational in mass transport sites. Our analysis is based primarily on an extensive literature review of policy and industry documents, reports by think tanks and NGOs, academic literature and online news articles. In addition to this review we have conducted interviews with 5 experts from industry and academia, and we have integrated the feedback to this report by two of these experts. We have interviewed experts in the field of smart CCTV, biometrics, border control systems, passenger profiling systems, and public and private security (human security officers). The expert interviews and feedback allowed us to assess to what extent the literature review and SMT typology covered our focal issues and needed to be amended. As we further developed the literature review it became clear that the vast majority of information about SMTs in mass transportation security focuses on airports, and that there is no EU wide regulation on other transportation sites. This has led the review to be somewhat biased towards airports.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 1 Apr 2012

Publication series

NameSIAM Deliverable 2.2


  • airport security
  • transport security
  • security technologies
  • Surveillance

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