Introducing sustainability assessment in Flanders, Belgium: conceptual framework

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Sustainability assessment can be viewed both as a process and as a tool to improve the quality of decision-making and to foster a gradual transition towards sustainability.
In Flanders, the institutionalisation of sustainable development has only recently entered public debate. A range of evolutions such as the adoption of regulatory impact analysis, the 2006 regional strategy for sustainable development and the introduction of sustainability assessment systems both at European and at federal Belgian level, have boosted interest in the development of a customised Flemish sustainability assessment framework. The Flemish Centre of Expertise for Sustainable Development is taking on the challenge. Based on the international state of the art and on the potential impact of sustainability assessment depending on the interpretation of its role in the policy process, a set of quality criteria is being developed. This will result in the drafting of a general guiding framework for conducting sustainability assessment in Flanders. This framework will subsequently be submitted to a panel of relevant stakeholders in order to amend it. Ultimately, the combination of scientific knowledge, international experiences and locally formulated needs will yield a practical framework for sustainability assessment. Once implemented, this will strenghten the anchoring of sustainable development as a guiding policy principle in Flanders.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication2008 Conference of the International Association for Impact Assessment, Perth, Australia
Publication statusPublished - 7 May 2008
EventFinds and Results from the Swedish Cyprus Expedition: A Gender Perspective at the Medelhavsmuseet - Stockholm, Sweden
Duration: 21 Sep 200925 Sep 2009


ConferenceFinds and Results from the Swedish Cyprus Expedition: A Gender Perspective at the Medelhavsmuseet


  • sustainability assessment
  • Flanders
  • conceptual framework

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