Inventories of natural hazards in under-reported regions: a multi-method insight from a tropical mountainous landscape

Violet Kanyiginya, Ronald Twongyirwe, Grace Kagoro-Rugunda, David Mubiru, John Sekajugo, Rodgers Mutyebere, Axel A.J. Deijns, Matthieu Kervyn, Olivier Dewitte

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Impacts of natural hazards are on an increase globally. To mitigate these impacts, sound disaster risk reduction strategies must rely on comprehensive inventory of natural hazards. However, to date, many regions worldwide still suffer from a dearth of information. The goal of our research is to assess how, with limited means and several methods, environments that are typically under-researched can be covered with accurate information on which further research aiming at understanding and mitigating disaster risk could be set out. We focus on the Kigezi highlands, an under-reported and populated tropical region of Uganda (Africa) known to be impacted by natural hazards. We conducted a multi-method multi-temporal inventory over the entire region using satellite image analysis, exploration of literature and archives, and field surveys. We also set up a network of 15 geo-observers to collect accurate space-time data on seven natural hazards. Our multi-method inventory generated a database comprising over 4000 natural hazard occurrences with frequent natural and anthropogenic interactions. Our results indicate that Kigezi highlands is a hotspot for natural hazards associated with extensive risks, whose numbers are underestimated. We therefore highlight the importance of working with a multiple-method approach in characterizing natural hazards and their interactions.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages20
JournalAfrican Geographical Review
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 15 Nov 2023

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  • Africa
  • citizen science
  • hazard interactions
  • inventory
  • Natural hazards
  • transdisciplinary


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