KAZAN: will you survive the next disaster? - An educational game to raise awareness about geohazards and disaster risk reduction: GeoRisk

Sophie Mossoux, Audray Delcamp, Sam Poppe, Frank Canters, Matthieu Kervyn De Meerendre

Research output: Unpublished contribution to conferenceUnpublished abstract


Mostly, geological hazards are not frequently impacting a given population and those hazards might not be their first concern in life. Nevertheless, solutions have to be found to establish a continuous communication between population and scientists in order to raise awareness about the need to include basic risk reduction strategy into their daily life.
KAZAN is an educational game that raises awareness about geohazards to reduce the risk. This board game has been developed to gather population such as students, citizens and stakeholders together to let them discover the information they need to know about hazards and their spatial variability; to make them realize what the impacts of those hazards can be regarding different intensities and the importance of resources accessibility; and to let them experience the different risk reduction strategies to be implemented before, during and after a hazard.
All the players embody during the game a character living on the KAZAN island. Each year, they receive their salary to be used to meet the basic needs of their character, but also to develop their community on the island. Huts, houses and roads can be constructed but because KAZAN island is at random times threatened by earthquakes, tsunamis, lava flows or ash falls, players can also invest in protection, adaptation and preparedness measures. In this context, players virtually experience the impacts of the hazards through their character and they are directly confronted with the implication of decisions taken during the game.
After playing KAZAN, players have a better understanding of the hazards: they can easily understand that what they lived in the game reflects situations they might experience in real life and that prevention and mitigation measures are important to take at a personal and at a community level.
In this contribution, we will present the game board and will analyse the game strategy and the players’ opinion about the usefulness of the game. The KAZAN game was tested on different groups of students, geologists and hazard managers in Belgium, Tanzania and the Comoros Islands.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2014


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