Long-term complications after facial trauma: literature review.

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In facial trauma medicine, manny articles deal with necessary treatment in an acute setting to achieve the best possible functional and aesthetic outcome for the patient. It is difficult, if not impossible, to ensure long-term follow-up with these patients. Often the long-term outcome is not reported and, if so, most data are retrospective. The goal of this article is to present an overview of known data concerning complications after the initial healing processes are completed.
Literature review.
Results: an overview of complications is presented and discussed. Comparison of results is not possible due to the large numbers of factors influencing outcome (age, multiple injuries, severity of trauma etc.). Post-trauma complications are inevitable, but it is agreed that, in any case, the initial treatment of trauma is important in determining optimal functional and aesthetic outcomes. Close collaboration between different specialisms is essential to achieve good patient management, control and follow-up.
Long-term post-trauma complications are inevitable, but is important to be aware of these complications so as to provide the best possible treatment.
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