Meteorite Newsletter

Akira Yamaguchi, Lidia Pittarello, Makoto Kimura, Hideyasu Kojima

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This newsletter reports the classification of part of meteorites collected from ice fields near the Sør Rondane Mountains by three Japan-Belgium expeditions consisting of the first joint mission (JARE 51) in the Balchen Ice Field in the eastern Sør Rondane Mountains region (2009-2010), the second joint BELARE-SAMBA (2010-2011) in the north-west part of the Nancen Ice Field, and the third mission (JARE 54 - BELARE-SAMBA) (2012-2013) in the south part of the Nancen Ice Field. The collected meteorites are shared by the National Institute of Polar Research, in Tokyo and Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, in Brussels. This newsletter includes 437 meteorite names including six carbonaceous chondrites (3 CM, 1 CK chondrite, 1 CO, 1 CM), and 1 diogenite, 1 mesosiderite, and 1 winonite. Also, it contains 11 regolith breccias of LL chondrites.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationTokyo
PublisherAntarctic Meteorite Research Center, National Institute of Polar Research
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2014

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NameMeteorite Newsletter


  • meteorite
  • Antarctica


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