Over Andries Stéven, wie het Voorschrift-boek schreef

Gijsbert Rutten

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Andries Stéven's Voorschrift-boek (1714), 'Rule book' is one of the few !inguistic works pub!ished in the southem Netherlands in the fiTSt half of the eighteenth century. The schoo!teacher and poet Stéven urged the necessity of a genera! written !anguage for the who!e of the Nether!ands, for the North as we!! as for the South, and he praised Dutch for being one of the oldest !anguages of the world. He also comp!ained about the !anguage ofmany writers, especia!IJ regarding thefrequent use ofFrench and Latin !oan words. The core of his grammatica! concern invo!ved orthography. He advocated spelling reforms most of which had a!so been accepted in the North. Besides, heproposed a diacritica! system in order to distinguish two etymologica!1Jdif- ferent [é:]-sounds which had become homophonic in large parts of the northem Nether!ands but which were also distinguished in some sixteenth- and seventeenth-century grammars from the N"orth. Thus, 5 téven was continuing and conftrming a genera! Dutch writing tradition while at the same time paving ~he way for a specificalIJ southern, 'F3elgian'writing tradition.
Original languageDutch
Title of host publicationWoorden wisselen. Voor Ariane van Santen bij haar afscheid van de Leidse universiteit
EditorsRonny Boogaart, Josien Lalleman, Marijke Mooijaart, Marijke Van Der Wal
PublisherLeiden: SNL
Number of pages12
ISBN (Print)978-90-78531-09-8
Publication statusPublished - 2009

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Ronny Boogaart, Josien Lalleman, Marijke Mooijaart, Marijke van der Wal


  • Dutch
  • Historical sociolinguistics

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