Oxford Handbook of United Nations Peacekeeping Operations (paperback release)

Joachim Koops, Norrie MacQueen, Thierry Tardy, Paul Williams

Research output: Book/ReportBookResearch


The Oxford Handbook on United Nations Peacekeeping Operations presents an innovative, authoritative, and accessible examination and critique of the United Nations peacekeeping operations.

Since the late 1940s, but particularly since the end of the cold war, peacekeeping has been a central part of the core activities of the United Nations and a major process in global security governance and the management of international relations in general. The volume will present a chronological analysis, designed to provide a comprehensive perspective that highlights the evolution of UN peacekeeping and offers a detailed picture of how the decisions of UN bureaucrats and national governments on the set-up and design of particular UN missions were, and remain, influenced by the impact of preceding operations.

The volume will bring together leading scholars and senior practitioners in order to provide overviews and analyses of all 65 peacekeeping operations that have been carried out by the United Nations since 1948. As with all Oxford Handbooks, the volume will be agenda-setting in importance, providing the authoritative point of reference for all those working throughout international relations and beyond.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationOxford
PublisherOxford University Press
Number of pages944
ISBN (Print) 9780198809241
Publication statusPublished - 25 Jul 2017


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