Post-war housing in Brussels (1945-1975): Heritage in danger?

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During the first thirty years after the Second World War, almost 50 000 dwellings were built in Brussels, varying from single-family houses, medium-rise urban apartments to high-rise building blocks. The majority of these buildings needs retrofitting within the next decades. Today, time has come to conceive and determine appropriate renovation concepts.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationBrussels Biennale of Modern Architecture. Living in modern isms
EditorsKoen Verswijver
PublisherKorei vzw
Number of pages2
ISBN (Print)978-90-90-28722-5
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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Koen Verswijver


  • post-war
  • Brussels
  • materials
  • dwelling
  • apartment


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