Pottery Production in the Late Bronze Kouris Valley

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With the support of an Anita Cecil O'Donovan
Fellowship, I spent almost seven weeks in Cyprus,
five of those at CAARI. I also spent for two weeks
with Professor Maria Iacovou's Palaepaphos Urban
Landscape Project, partly funded by the Erasmus
Staff Mobility Exchange Program between the Vrije
Universiteit Brussel, Belgium, and the University of
Cyprus. My stay also coincided with the opening of the
"Views from Phlamoudhi" exhibition at the Cyprus
Museum and the CAARI 2009 Archaeological Workshop
(see p. 5), which gave me the chance to meet many
scholars and exchange ideas on my research topic.
My doctoral research is an examination of socioeconomic
organization in the Late Bronze Age Kouris
Valley, with a particular focus on pottery production
and consumption. In previous years (2005-2008) I have
examined the material from the Late Bronze Age sites
of Alassa Pano Mandilaris and Paliotaverna. In order to
view these preliminary results against a larger corpus of
material, my 2009 study season project concentrated on
the material from Episkopi Bamboula and Erimi Pitharka.
My project had four goals: a typological study of the
ceramics, a reconstruction of the chaîne opératoire and the
production techniques used by the Late Bronze Kouris
potters, a contextual analysis, and a model of pottery
production and consumption in the Kouris Valley.
Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 2009

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  • Plain Wares
  • Alassa
  • Kouris valley


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