Small Claims, Digitalisation, and EU Market

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The present book addresses the evolving European regulatory framework with a focus on small claims related to consumer disputes arising from digital market transactions. In response to the notable increase in such claims, it emphasizes the need for a streamlined and more efficient resolution process, which is essential for the growth of digital markets and the overall socioeconomic environment. This edition provides a comprehensive understanding of the current regulatory framework for small claims in the EU, delving into various procedural and substantive aspects across different legal systems. It specifically assesses the implementation of the European Small Claims Procedure Regulation in several EU Member States. The book explores the role of online dispute resolution for small claims, and the potential impact of digitalization on individuals' access to justice, especially for consumers. Additionally, it offers recommendations for improving the EU regulatory framework, notably the ESCP Regulation, to better serve the needs of small claims creditors, predominantly consumers. This edition is a valuable resource for academics, legal practitioners, and policymakers engaged in small claims procedures and consumer dispute resolution at both national and transnational levels within the EU.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationBrussels
PublisherAcademic and Scientific Publishers nv
Number of pages251
ISBN (Print)9789461175571
Publication statusPublished - 2023


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