SoLoMIDEM D1.2.3 - Monitor report 2

Karel Verbrugge, Isabelle Stevens, Paulien Coppens, Carina Maria Veeckman, Laurence Claeys

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Within SoLoMIDEM, we are mainly interested in the habits and attitudes of users of Location Based Services (LBS). LBS users have specific characteristics. They are young (70% under 34 years old) and own more mobile devices and other technologies than non-­LBS users. They are also interested in and inclined to test out new technologies. The basic segmentation of 5 LBS user groups (social, functional, leisurely, concerned users and absentees), developed in wave 1, was reproduced on identical factors (privacy issues, privacy settings modification, motivations for location-­based services use) and could be validated again in this second wave. Currently an extended segmentation, adding concepts related to information disclosure and self-­?identity management, is performed and will be integrated in the following deliverable.
Besides basic trend flagging and fine-­tuning the segmentation of SoLoMo users, this second monitor mainly tackles user privacy and willingness to share location information in a SoLoMo context.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2014

Publication series

NameSoLoMIDEM D1.2.3 - Monitor report 2

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iMinds-Digital Society


  • Survey
  • User Research
  • Location Based Services
  • Location privacy

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