Talking about Meaningful Activities of Daily Living of the older Person with Dementia enables Bio-Psycho-Social Practice

Patricia De Vriendt, Elise Cornelis, Ruben Vanbosseghem, Valerie Desmet, Dominique Van de Velde

Research output: Contribution to journalMeeting abstract (Journal)


Background: the complexity of dementia forces healthcare professionals (HCP) to adopt a bio-psycho-social (BPS) way of caring, in which-client centeredness, shared-decision-making and working with the context of the person with dementia (PwD) is pivotal but very demanding.
Objective: to evaluate BPS dementia care in Flanders. Alongside the BPS-scale was validated for use in this population.
Methodology: In a cross-sectional study design, 457 HCP’s completed the BPS-scale through a digital platform. A factoranalysis was performed to confirm underlying dimensions.. Statistical coherence was expressed in Cronbach’s α coefficient. Differences between groups were calculated using student’s t –test and one way ANOVA.
Results: The factor-analysis confirmed five underlying dimensions labelled as: (1) networking, (2) using the client’s expertise, (3) assessment and reporting, (4) professional knowledge and skills and (5) using the environment. The results showed a good to strong internal consistency (Cronbach’s α: from0.75 to 0.85). The current status of the BPS-practice in dementia care is globally good, though there is room for improvement that can be summarized as the necessity (1) to improve client-centred practice, (2) to enable working in close collaboration with the patient’s context and (3) to facilitate better assessment and reporting. The most interesting finding was that the more the HCP’s were addressing daily activities of the PwD, the more BPS they were working.
Conclusion: The BPS-scale is a valid and reliable measure to rate the BPS practice in dementia care and offers opportunities for improvement. Addressing activities of daily living enables BPS practice.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)31-58
Number of pages28
JournalTijdschrift voor Gerontologie en Geriatrie
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2017
EventBVGG-SBGG 40ste Wintermeeting - Kursaal, Ostend, Belgium
Duration: 17 Feb 201718 Feb 2017

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