The Dilemma of Quantum Individuality Beyond Particle Metaphysics

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It is commonly claimed that quantum mechanics makes reference to a microscopic realm constituted by elementary particles. However, as first famously noticed by Erwin Schr\"odinger, it is not at all clear what these quantum particles really are. According to the specialized literature, it is not even clear if each of these microscopic entities possess their own identity. Recently, Jonas Arenhart proposed a distinction of quantum objects in terms of a dilemma which forces a choice between their characterization either as individuals or as non-individuals. In this work we attempt to address the (metaphysical) presuppositions involved within Arenhart's dilemma which ground the question of individuality in QM on a strong presupposition regarding the existence of quantum objects. After providing a reconsideration of the role played by metaphysics within physics we attempt to propose, not only a complete redefinition of the dilemma beyond particle metaphysics, but also a possible realist solution grounded on the provision of a new (non-classical) conceptual framework which seeks to develop an invariant-objective representation of the theory of quanta.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationA True Polymath: A Tribute to Francisco Antonio Doria
PublisherCollege Publications
ISBN (Print)1848903510
Publication statusPublished - 15 Apr 2020

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