The gods solve it: On the road to a new healthcare system

Edgard Eeckman, Marc Noppen

Research output: Book/ReportBookVulgarizing


Edgard Eeckman and Marc Noppen, respectively communication manager and delegated director of the UZ Brussel, are immensely fascinated by the problems of a healthcare system in full transition that is anything but flawless, but does its best to be as flawless as possible. Both are daily confronted with the immense possibilities, but also with the painful shortcomings of this often praised Belgian healthcare. In De gods lossen het op (The gods solve it), they express their concern in a playful, idiosyncratic manner. The reader is not presented with the umpteenth boring analysis of health care, but rather with an amusing, humorous, sometimes biting parody in the form of a satirical narrative that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of clarity. When Zeus sees Madame M. on earth involved in a rear-end collision, he urgently summons the Council of the Gods. They decide to send Professor Aston to earth in the hope that he will come back with a manual for a better organisation of health care. Unfortunately, the professor turns out to be only human and the gods are not what they once were either. As a result, things get pretty out of hand. But there is hope.
Original languageDutch
Place of PublicationBrussel
Number of pages60
ISBN (Print)9789057185830
Publication statusPublished - 29 Sep 2016


  • Patient empowerment
  • Healthcare system
  • healthcare communication
  • healthcare reform


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