Time Reconstruction and Performance of the CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter

Volker Adler, Stephanie Beauceron, Stijn Blyweert, Jorgen D'Hondt, Stijn De Weirdt, Olivier Devroede, Jan Heyninck, Alexis Kalogeropoulos, Joris Maes, Michael Maes, Matthias Mozer, Stefaan Tavernier, Walter Van Doninck, Petra Van Mulders, Ilaria Villella

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The resolution and the linearity of time measurements made with the CMS electromagnetic calorimeter are studied with samples of data from test beam electrons, cosmic rays, and beam-produced muons. The resulting time resolution measured by lead tungstate crystals is better than 100 ps for energy deposits larger than 10 GeV. Crystal-to-crystal synchronization with a precision of 500 ps is performed using muons produced with the first LHC beams in 2008.
Original languageEnglish
Article numberT03011
Number of pages27
Publication statusPublished - May 2010


  • OSG : CMS

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