Towards Context-Aware Opinion Summarization for Monitoring Social Impact of News

Alejandro Ramón Hernández, María Matilde García Lorenzo, Alfredo Simón-Cuevas, Leticia Arco, Jesús Serrano-Guerrero

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Opinion mining and summarization of the increasing user-generated content on different digital platforms (e.g., news platforms) are playing significant roles in the success of government programs and initiatives in digital governance, from extracting and analyzing citizen’s sentiments for decision-making. Opinion mining provides the sentiment from contents, whereas summarization aims to condense the most relevant information. However, most of the reported opinion summarization methods are conceived to obtain generic summaries, and the context that originates the opinions(e.g., the news) has not usually been considered. In this paper, we present a context-aware opinion summarization model for monitoring the generated opinions from news. In this approach, the topic modeling and the news content are combined to determine the “importance” of opinionated sentences. The effectiveness of different developed settings of our model was evaluated through several experiments carried out over Spanish news and opinions collected from a real news platform. The obtained results show that our model can generate opinion summaries focused on essential aspects of the news, as well as cover the main topics in the opinionated texts well. The integration of term clustering, word embeddings, and the similarity-based sentence-to-news scoring turned out the more promising and effective setting of our model.
Original languageEnglish
Article number535
Pages (from-to)1-21
Number of pages21
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 18 Nov 2020


  • opinion mining
  • opinion summarization
  • topic modeling
  • semantic similarity measures


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