Towards innovation foresight: two empirical case studies on future TV experiences for/by users

Katrien De Moor, Dimitri Schuurman, Laurence Claeys, Lieven De Marez

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This paper discusses the need for a shift towards more Foresight-based inclusive innovation processes
and introduces the concept of "Innovation Foresight" (IF) in this respect. IF represents an approach for
bringing the future into holistic innovation processes, in which users and other stakeholders are
systematically involved to detect future opportunities and risks. This could allow for a better integration of
inclusive, long-term visions in decision-making and strategic thinking in the context of innovation. To be
effective and enable mutual learning, the IF process calls for future-oriented, continuous interaction with
current/anticipated users and a better integration of methods and approaches from different fields,
including Foresight, user/market research and human-centred product design. This paper discusses two
empirical studies that closely involved users in the exploration, imagination and creation of future TV
experiences. Study 1 aimed to identify users' specific (future) needs and possible Lead User ideas
concerning digital TV (DTV) in Flanders through an online survey (N= 11.802 digital TV users). 13 unique
ideas representing important unfulfilled needs were identified and evaluated. Study 2, which focused on
'Future TV experiences', consisted of a multi-method research approach in three phases, resulting in six
persona profiles, that help to provide an understanding of users' daily practices and futures aspirations. It
is argued that a better introduction of future anticipation in inclusive innovation processes could enhance
the input of users in innovation and contribute to the detection of potential user/societal needs and
possible unexpected forms of use.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)39-49
Number of pages11
Publication statusPublished - 2014


  • foresight
  • quality of experience
  • television
  • future studies

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