Verification of biographical records.

Peter Zoltan Csurcsia, Istvan Kollar

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The aim of the research is to verify and validate bibliographical records from the Publication Database of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME-PA) in a reliable, fault-tolerant, interactive way

To solve the task, a "conventional" imperative, procedural programming paradigms is used , as well as object-oriented paradigms and behaviour-driven models.

In the communication channel, the data flow in a self-created XML format, which is used as a possible output format of the Repositories.

These data contain identifiers that allow back-tracking of records to web pages in international data bases or catalogs (e.g. identifier or DOI in case of IEEE or article identifier in case of PubMed). Based on this data, the exact location of the referred page is identified.
Once the location has been decoded, the page is processed, independently of the its source. Information contained in XML is identified and compared, the records are validated.
To the fields contained in the XML, different weights (points) can be assigned, based on publication and website type, since data are on both sides can be misspelt or not correct at all.

For a record to be accepted as valid (existing and verified), it has to reach a certain amount of points i.e. the chance for the match of records in the publication database and on the (publisher) website/database is high.

In other cases, the record can be validated only manually. Various kinds of further webpages can be identified and integrated within short time and energy, by only filling out a format descriptor.

This project can be also used for the Publication Database of Hungarian Science (Magyar Tudományos M?vek Tára, MTMT).
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceding of the 8th International PhD & DLA Symposium
PublisherAkadémiai Kiadó
ISBN (Print)978-963-7298-48-6
Publication statusPublished - 29 Oct 2012


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