Wilson loops in 5d long quiver gauge theories

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Quiver gauge theories with a large number of nodes host a wealth of Wilson loop operators. Expectation values are obtained, using supersymmetric localization, for Wilson loops in the antisymmetric representations associated with each individual gauge node, for a sample of 5d long quiver gauge theories whose UV fixed points have holographic duals in Type IIB. The sample includes the $T_N$ theories and the results are uniformly given in terms of Bloch-Wigner functions. The holographic representation of the Wilson loops is identified. It comprises, for each supergravity solution, a two-parameter family of D3-branes which exactly reproduce the field theory results and identify points in the internal space with the faces of the associated 5-brane web. The expectation values of (anti)fundamental Wilson loops exhibit an enhanced scaling for many operators, which matches between field theory and supergravity.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 1 Sep 2020

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NameJournal of High Energy Physics
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