Design and Analysis of an Active Battery Management System For EVs

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The aim of this thesis is to design a reliable and efficient active battery management system for electric vehicles, with an inductor to monitor series cell in a Lithium Ion battery pack and, to demonstrate cells behavior in battery modules through non isolated buck DC converter. Batteries are critically important in energy storage to meet customers need and for high quality electric vehicles, as those with a high specific energy and power require a rapid charging time. A new model designed that focuses on the Hardware structure of the battery management to manage the battery cells or battery pack, protect and balance the cells. This focus on balance helps to avoid problems that batteries face overtime like high charge/discharge cycles, imbalance, overcharging, under discharging. All blocks are described in detail, and a simple control implemented based on direct measurements taken by the sensors, including voltages and currents, also an overview of different topologies and existing state of the art BMS. Moreover, the practical design of all battery modules is described and the experimental results obtained using Matlab Simulink are discussed. Finally a commercially active battery management is tested to validate the design.
Date of Award3 Sep 2019
Original languageEnglish


  • BMS
  • Active balancing
  • Battery systems
  • Electric Vehicles

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