Design, Validation and Experimentation of a Battery Module including a Battery Management System and Thermal Management

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The increasing demand for electric energy storage for a variety of different applications is resulting in increasing research on batteries. Designing a battery pack for a certain application requires a profound knowledge of the cells behaviour according to the requirements of a specific application. Thermal management and a good battery management system to balance and monitor the cells can greatly improve the battery lifetime and performances. This thesis focuses on the study of the cells behaviour in a battery module, which includes a battery management system (BMS) and a thermal management. For this purpose different battery modules have been designed. The major module consists of 15 lithium-Ion Polymer pouch cells, each of which has a capacity of 7 Ah. This module includes a commercial passive BMS with adaptive control and air-cooling for the thermal management. To validate the commercial passive BMS, another battery module with 15 cylindrical lithium-Ion cells was implemented. From this validation the commercial BMS was redesigned to include an air-cooling system. Beside the major module, two modules for 8 lithium-Ion Polymer pouch cells with a capacity of 8 Ah and air as thermal management were carried out. These modules serve the purpose of further experimentation on the cells behaviour. Also module designs for 15 Li-Cap cells with phase change material, air and liquid cooling for thermal management are proposed and designed with a 3D modelling program Inventor AutoCAD. To understand the behaviour of cells with a BMS two BMS’s were proposed and simulated using the Simulink/Matlab program. A simulation of a BMS with multiple resistors and a BMS with one resistor were simulated and a comparative study is given. The practical design of all battery modules are described and the experimental results are discussed in this thesis.
Date of Award1 Sep 2015
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • Engineering Technology
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel
SupervisorPeter Van Den Bossche (Promotor), Omar Hegazy (Co-promotor), Mohamed Abdel Monem (Advisor), Noshin Omar (Jury), Cedric De Cauwer (Jury), Svend Bram (Jury) & Luc Vercammen (Jury)


  • Battery management system
  • Battery balancing
  • Battery Thermal Management

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