Dissolution of Jordanian raw materials in alkaline solutions and their stabilization for construction purposes

  • Islam Aldabsheh ((PhD) Student)
  • Hubert Rahier (Promotor)
  • Hani Khoury (Promotor)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


For the production of geopolymers, aluminosilicates are activated by an alkaline solution. The first step in the geopolymerization process is the dissolution of the aluminosilicate. In order to study the dissolution process of aluminosilicate and siliceous materials in alkaline solutions, ten representative samples of raw materials from different locations from Jordan were investigated
-Aluminosilicate materials: kaolinite, smectite rich clay, diatomaceous clay, zeolitic tuff, volcanic tuff, basalt, and granite.
-Siliceous materials: calcareous porcelanite, silica sand, and tripoli
Date of Award21 Sep 2010
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHubert Rahier (Promotor) & Hani Khoury (Promotor)


  • geopolymer
  • alkali activation
  • dissolution
  • kinetics
  • kaolinite

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