Group Activities in Minoan Miniature Wall Paintings

Student thesis: Master-after-master


The Knossos miniature paintings, the Sacred Grove and Dance Fresco and the Grandstand or Temple Fresco, represent large crowds of people. In this study particular attention is paid to the architectural features because an examination of these features points to another location than that usually identified. Both paintings depict scenes in the West Court of Knossos. Using this location, new suggestions are made to describe the subject of the paintings. Details such as hairstyle, clothing and jewellery are the characteristics to distinguish different groups of people. These elements suggest that both paintings represent rites of passage at a different occasion with a different kind of people participating.
Date of Award2003
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJan Driessen (Promotor)


  • Knossos
  • miniature paintings
  • sacred grove and dance fresco

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