This master thesis analyses the representation of heroic communities of care in contemporary speculative children’s literature by black British women writers, focusing specifically on Wolf Light (2019) by Yaba Badoe and The Infinite (2020) and The Time-Thief (2021) by Patience Agbabi. Situated at the intersection of (historically) under-researched fields, the study moves beyond the customary focus on race in criticism on black British literature, to consider the novels’ representation of highly diverse communities of care, and on a more formal level, how the use of the genre of speculative fiction influences the use of the trope of the hero’s journey, which coincides with the development of these diverse communities. Together, these elements illustrate how black British women writers are creating innovative stories that are inclusive and socio-politically engaged.
Date of Award23 May 2023
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorElisabeth Bekers (Promotor) & Katrijn Van den Bossche (Jury)


  • Black British literature
  • children's literature
  • communities of care
  • speculative fiction
  • hero's journey
  • genre innovation

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