Knowledge sharing over social networking systems

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Social networking systems have become very popular in the last 2-3 years. Systems like mySpace, Orkut and linkedIn are changing the way people conduct their online social lives. This thesis looks at the potential of social networking systems to stimulate knowledge sharing for the stimulation of creativity and innovation.

Contributions include :

* a clarification of the nature of information and knowledge and the
proposition of a straightforward distinction between both concepts.
* a perspective on the variables that play a role in determining
knowledge contribution.
* a study of the structure of existing social networking systems.
* a discussion of knowledge sharing over social networking systems
using systems theory (autopoiesis and mediator theory).
* insights in the shape and evolution of the social network, created
by one social networking system.
* empirical findings on the way people share knowledge in one social
networking system.
Date of Award30 Oct 2006
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorEduard Vandijck (Promotor) & Francis Heylighen (Jury)


  • social networks

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