(MD Thesis): Effets metaboliques et hormonaux de cinq repas camerounais chez le sujet sain

  • Josue Mfopou Kunjom ((PhD) Student)
  • Jean-Claude Mbanya (Promotor)
  • Elie Claude Ndjitoyap Ndam (Jury)
  • Jeanne Ngongang Yonkeu (Co-promotor)
  • Guillaume Atchou (Jury)
  • T. Asongani (Jury)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Objective: To evaluate glycaemic and insulinaemic index and in vitro digestibility of the five most common Cameroonian mixed meals consisting of riceþtomato soup (diet A), bean stewþplantains (B), foofoo cornþndole´ (C), yamsþgroundnut soup (D), and koki beansþcassava (E).Subjects: Ten healthy non-obese volunteers, aged 19 – 31 y, with no family history of diabetes or hypertension.Interventions: A 75 g oral glucose tolerance test followed by the eating of the test diets with carbohydrate content standardized to 75 g every 4 days with blood samples taken at 0, 15, 30, 60, 120 and 180 min. In vitro digestion of each diet according to Brand’s protocol.Main outcome measures: Plasma glucose, cholesterol, triglyceride, insulin and C-peptide, with calculation of glycaemic and insulinaemic index defined as the area under the glucose and insulin response curve after consumption of a test food divided by the area under the curve after consumption of a control food containing the same amount of carbohydrate, and digestibility index.Results: Glycaemic index (GI) varied from 34.1 (diet C) to 52.0% (diet E) with no statistical difference between the diets, and insulinaemic index varied significantly from 40.2% (C) to 70.9% (A) (P¼0.03). The digestibility index varied from 18.9 (C) to 60.8% (A) (P
Date of Award1997
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJean-Claude Mbanya (Promotor), Elie Claude Ndjitoyap Ndam (Jury), Guillaume Atchou (Jury), T. Asongani (Jury) & Jeanne Ngongang Yonkeu (Co-promotor)

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