What is the incidence of thrombophlebitis during peripheral parenteral nutrition ? And practical preparation of a clinical study: efficacy of nutritional therapy and metabolic evolution over time in ICU survivors.

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Parenteral nutrition (PN) is used to supplement or replace inadequate oral or enteral feeding among hospitalized patients. Nearly half of the patients, peripheral PN (PPN) is associated with thrombophlebitis according literature review. The duration and incidence of thrombophlebitis with patients who receive peripheral parenteral nutrition at the University Hospital Brussel is unclear. Knowledge of complications and use is important for the optimalisation of the nutritional therapy.

What is the incidence of thrombophlebitis when a peripheral catheter is been used? Which parameters have an influence on the occurrence of thrombophlebitis?
A observational retrospective study in a tertiary care center was conducted over a period of 3 years (2015 - 2018). All patients receiving peripheral parenteral nutrition were included (n = 343). A database is developed and the medical records are thorough analyzed. Occurrence of thrombophlebitis, age, flow rate and treatment duration were recorded. Data are given as means ± SD.

343 patients with peripheral parenteral nutrition PPN were observed, aged 63 ± 22 years, who received 367 PN therapies via the peripheral route. A PPN therapy was administered for 5.7 ± 6.1 days. Thrombophlebitis (TP) occurred in 5% of the therapies on PPN. Patients who developed thrombophlebitis received a peripheral PN therapy for 11 ± 5 days. Under 18 years there was an incidence of 12% for TP and PPN. Between 19-50 years there was no TP for 46 therapies. Between 51 and 97 years there was an incidence 88% TP with a treatment duration of 11 ± 5 days.

A substantial proportion of our hospitalized patients receive PN via a peripheral vein. In contrast with data from the literature, peripheral PN-associated incidence of thrombophlebitis was low. The risk to develop thrombophlebitis increased with prolonged treatment. Our study shows that the occurrence is more accurate among patients older than 50years, PPN duration was longer compared to other age categories.
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