22nd annual joint meeting BeSHG & NVHG

Hes, F. J. (Participant), Liebaers, I. (Participant), Bonduelle, M. (Participant), De Smedt, D. (Participant), Uyttebroeck, S. (Participant), Van de Voorde, S. R. (Participant), Slegers, I. (Participant), Van Der Kelen, A. (Participant), de Ravel, T. (Participant), Hutse, V. (Participant), Nekkebroeck, J. (Participant), Cortés Jáuregui, A. (Participant), Pascale De Becker (Participant), Vaeyens, F. (Participant), Dequeker, B. (Participant), Seneca, S. (Participant), Van Den Bogaert, A. (Participant), Sammels, E. (Participant), Fieuw, A. (Participant), Gheldof, A. (Participant), Olsen, C. (Participant), Van Dooren, S. (Participant), Van Berkel, K. (Participant), Dimitrov, B. (Participant), Rani Cooreman (Participant), Van Pottelberghe, S. (Participant), Vlaeminck, J. (Participant), Osei, R. (Participant), Winter, C. (Participant)

Activiteit: Participation in conference


Meeting: "New advances and tools towards personalized medicine of genetic disorders
Periode21 apr 202222 apr 2022
Mate van erkenningNational