23rd International AIDS Conference

Ronaldo D'Amico (Participant), Moodley Riya (Participant), Erika van Landuyt (Participant), Rodica Van Solingen-Ristea (Participant), Bryan Baugh (Participant), Veerle Van Eygen (Participant), Sherene Min (Participant), Annemiek de Ruiter (Participant), Amy Cutrell (Participant), Mark Schaefer (Participant), Caroline Foster (Participant), Daniella Chilton (Participant), Allard, S. (Chair), David Margolis (Participant)

Activiteit: Participation in conference


Compassionate use of long-acting (LA) cabotegravir (CAB) and rilpivirine (RPV) for patients in need of parenteral antiretroviral therapy
Periode6 jul 202010 jul 2020
Mate van erkenningInternational