A 12mW 10GHz FMCW PLL Based on an Integrating DAC with 90kHz rms Frequency Error for 23MHz/μs Slope and 1.2GHz Chirp Bandwidth

Renukaswamy, P. (Speaker), Nereo Markulic (Contributor), Park, S. (Contributor), Kankuppe Raghavendra Swamy, A. (Contributor), Qixian Shi (Contributor), Wambacq, P. (Contributor), Jan Craninckx (Contributor)

Activiteit: Talk or presentation at a conference


A 10GHz FMCW subsampling PLL is presented, that uses a low-power charge-integrating QDAC to tune the VCO for wideband low-noise modulation. Nonlinearities in the QDAC modulation path are corrected within 700µsec cold start-up, followed by a full on-chip background calibration engine to track supply and temperature variations. The PLL consumes 11.7mW (of which <0.5mW in the QDAC) to generate a 23.6MHz/µs chirp slope with 89kHz rms-frequency-error for 1.21GHz chirp-bandwidth.
Periode18 feb 2020
Evenementstitel2020 International Solid-State Circuits Conference: Frequency Synthesizers &amp; VCOs
LocatieSAN FRANCISCO, Belgium
Mate van erkenningInternational