AI and Justice

Activiteit: Talk or presentation at a conference


FARI Brussels Conference: first session of Day 2 on "AI and Justice"

This roundtable session is moderated by Gregory Lewkowicz and joined by the panelists who will be sharing their views on the following topics:
1️⃣ "Digital journey: the new wave of access to justice?" by Marco Giacalone
2️⃣ "People Can’t Prompt: What Does This Mean for Access to Justice?" by Samuel Dahan
3️⃣ "AI and justice: Are equality bodies the guardians of equality?" by Nele Roekens
4️⃣ "Transforming the guardians of the law? AI in the courtroom" by Giulia Gentile
5️⃣ Reaction by local respondent Pierre Sculier
Periode12 sep 2023
Gehouden opFARI - AI for the common good, Belgium
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