Architectural Engineering Department Research Seminar

De Laet, L. (Participant), Dobbels, J. (Participant), Frederik Vandyck (Participant), Bosman, K. (Participant), Arnouts, L. (Participant), Degraeve, M. (Participant), Bertels, I. (Participant), De Temmerman, N. (Participant), Van Craenenbroeck, M. (Participant), Lennert Loos (Participant), Louis Vandenabeele (Participant), Mollaert, M. (Participant), Vandervaeren, C. (Participant), Romain Wibaut (Participant), Jimmy Colliers (Participant), Anne Paduart (Participant), Corne, E. (Participant), Verdonck, A. (Participant), Vanden Elsacker, E. (Participant), Poppe, J. (Participant), François Denis (Participant), Brancart, S. (Participant), Marianne De Fossé (Participant), Galle, W. (Participant), Cambier, C. (Participant), Elsen, S. (Participant), Bill Addis (Visitor), Stoop, E. (Participant), Wouters, I. (Participant)

Activiteit: Participation in workshop, seminar


On Friday January 26 2018, the department of Architectural Engineering organised its yearly research seminar. In the morning, an overview was given of the different research teams and their visions, milestones and perspectives. These short presentations were followed by a brainstorm session and discussion on the identity and branding of the Departement. At the same time a parallel session on PhD writing was organised by and for the last-year phd researchers. In the afternoon topics including ethics & deontology, valorisation, the ‘I Love Science’ festival and a workshop on the use of Sharepoint were scheduled. This program was interspersed with some presentations about the daily activities of some PhD researchers and associates from practice. The full program can be found online.
Periode26 jan 2018
LocatieBrussels, Belgium
Mate van erkenningNational