Artistic Research as a demonstration of an Ecology of Practices: the Creative Laboratory of CORPoREAL

Activiteit: Talk or presentation at a conference


An ecology of practices is a tool for understanding what is happening in a certain domain of action. An ecology means that the environment and context of the acting subject is of primordial importance to explain the practices. Moreover, the ecology of practices is not neutral, it has an ambition, the ambition of "the construction of new ‘practical identities’ for practices, that is, new possibilities for them to be present, or in other words to connect." (I. Stengers, 2005, An Ecology of Practices, p 186 in Cultural Studies Review, vol. 11, Nr1)
It is our hypothesis that all demonstration of research in art must occur in a double movement. At one hand the demonstration consists of a sensuous way of communicating: feeling and understanding the directness of what happens. On the other hand, a non-sensuous layer of understanding needs to be present: a layer that restitutes the relational capacities behind what happens — contextual, temporal, intellectual, spatial, cultural. This means that the demonstration of artistic research aims at a layered activation of both the ‘what’ of the experience as the ‘how/why’ behind the experience. Both experiencing and understanding lead to a ‘feeling of understanding’ that has to be brought at another level than an artistic manifestation: while an artistic manifestation is aimed at an understanding that links an aesthetic intention of the artist to a connotative context of interpretation of and by the audience, an artistic research demonstration should add to this an understanding of the method and process of creation, exploration and experimentation of the artist.
Periode22 apr 2017
EvenementstitelEPARM 2017: Staging Research: from the laboratory to the stage and back again
LocatieAntwerpen, Belgium
Mate van erkenningInternational