Belgian Defence Technological and Industrial Base day at the Royal Military Academy (AM portion of the day)

Activiteit: Participating in or organizing an event at an external academic organisation


An audience of representatives of industry, policymakers and researchers gathered to exchange insights. Drs. Gregory Kegels presented a preliminary "Mapping of the Belgian Defense Technological and Industrial Base" and Dr. Grith ├ślykke discussed, among other things, the application of Article 346 TFEU(*) in public procurement. Both presentations came out of the BELSPO-RHID-funded BEPIDS project ("Belgian Economic Potential in the Industry of Defense and Security"). BELSPO's mission is to optimize and strengthen the functioning of the Belgian, European and international research space.

Ms. Peeters of Agoria gave an overview of the ESG ("Environmental, Social and Governance") rules, and Ms. Anne Bonnet of the FPS Economy presented the recently established Inter-Federal Screening Committee (ISC), whose main task is to analyze foreign direct investments from third countries (whether or not through an EU company), which acquire a certain percentage of voting rights in a Belgian company, and to check whether they pose potential risks to national security and strategic interests. It can thus identify potential threats and take preventive measures to protect sensitive national sectors such as critical infrastructures, critical technology, raw materials, energy and Defense.
Periode13 dec 2023