Chair of the APPEE Board Task Force on Digital Privacy Awareness (European School of Brussels II)

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Task Force created i) to raise awareness and foster discussions on the right to privacy, in particular digital privacy, and personal data protection among School Management, Professors and Pupils of the Europrean School of Brussels II; ii) to promote class lectures on teaching privacy and personal data protection in primary and secondary; iii) to achieve an holistic approach to children’s well-being, concentrating on opportunities of the digital world and on the risks of harm to children. Efforts should be made towards increasing digital opportunities without rising risks too much (e.g. Lithuania and Estonia have been identified as countries that have best achieved such holistic approach; iv) to promote the knowledge of the mini-bill of privacy and data protection rights among pupils, using “The European Handbook for Teaching Privacy and Data Protection at Schools” – ARCADES EU funded project; and v) address digital privacy and personal data protection in the EEB2 Annual and Multi-Annual School Plan.
Periode25 jan 202025 jan 2021
Gehouden opEuropean School Parents' Association Brussels II - Woluwe, Belgium
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