Challenging Artistic Research – Artistic paths in five images

Activiteit: Talk or presentation at a workshop/seminar


By way of five metaphorical images, this lecture will consider issues of the practice and methodology of artistic research. Tensions between know-how and know-that, between discursivity and performativity, between objective, subjective and intersubjective roles, between the multiplicity of actors, between goal and continuity, between inside and outside, between practice, reflection and theory, will be discussed. The complexity and variety of artistic research as not only embedded and enriched in a practice, but also as inherently embodied, dynamic and reflective, opens a field where method is challenged by its own etymological origins of meta hodos — a journey beyond the usual paths.
Periode19 mrt 2019
EvenementstitelResearch Day KLAP (Knowing and Learning in Artistic Practice):
LocatieBrussel, Belgium
Mate van erkenningRegional