Changes in funerary practices of Belgian Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age Urnfields.

  • Stamataki, E. (Speaker)
  • Snoeck, C. (Contributor)
  • Ioannis Kontopoulos (Contributor)
  • Hlad, M. (Contributor)
  • Veselka, B. (Contributor)
  • Annaert, H. (Contributor)
  • Mathieu Boudin (Contributor)
  • Giacomo Capuzzo (Contributor)
  • Sarah Dalle (Contributor)
  • Charlotte Sabaux (Contributor)
  • Kevin Salesse (Contributor)
  • Amanda Sengeløv (Contributor)
  • Eugène Warmenbol (Contributor)
  • Dries Tys (Contributor)
  • Guy De Mulder (Contributor)

Activiteit: Talk or presentation at a conference


The cremated bones from several Belgian Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age Urnfields (including Velzeke and Blicquy) were studied using osteoarchaeological analysis combined with carbon, oxygen and strontium isotope analysis, infrared (FTIR) and elemental (ICP-MS) analysis. In this paper, we will present and discuss the differences observed between the sites from the methodological and archaeological points of view.
Periode7 sep 2019
Evenementstitel25th Annual Meeting of
the European Association of Archaeologists: Beyond Paradigms
LocatieBern, Switzerland
Mate van erkenningInternational