Cultural Roots and Interactions with Contemporary Rhythm in Jazz.

Activiteit: Talk or presentation at a workshop/seminar


This performance/lecture/workshop, on the complexity and cultural diversity of rhythm, explores how richness of multi-cultural musical encounters can lead to a broader approach to rhythm.
Understanding how to integrate different visions, different feels, different sounds of rhythm from musical traditions —such as Carnatic, African, Balkan, South American music— is a real treasure for the evolution of the musician/composer/interpreter today. Through the use of different senses, by finding “bridges” to reach new rhythmical territories, the musician today can access an open space full of new paths to explore, and develop new approaches and new vocabularies for composition, improvisation and performance.
Together with Malcolm Braff (pianist, teacher at Musik Akademie Basel, Jazzcampus), I would like to present some of those tools, some bridges, to explore and exchange different concepts and practices. Malcolm Braff has developed his “morphing”and “non-euclidean” rhythm system through his many musical encounters, thanks to his Brazilian roots, his long stay in Senegal before moving to Switzerland. His approach offers the occidental mind an ideal opportunity to get access to the mysterious world of “groove”, micro timing, perception of all the subtleties of rhythm, and tools to explore new sensations, new feels. These artistic reflections and practices can push forward improvised and written music today.
Periode24 feb 2020
EvenementstitelPolyphonic Performance Spaces
LocatieBrussels, Belgium
Mate van erkenningInternational