Current Research Perspectives on Literary Translation:A Bi-National Encounter (Brazil-Belgium)

Humblé, P. (Organiser), Sepp, A. (Organiser)

Activiteit: Participating in or organizing a public lecture/debate


Translation studies has been evolving rapidly for the last forty years since it was officially founded by James Holmes and subsequently developed by figures like Gideon Toury, Itamar Even-Zohar and José Lambert. In these years TS has been spreading over most continents and has acquired different aspects, has taken on various different accents. This is true not only for the kind of topics being studied, but also for the methods that are used. Whereas an Anglo-Saxon school can easily be distinguished, an independent school of translation scholars has also emerged in the so-called ‘periphery’. In these countries, methodologies and topics of interests have been developed that are rather different from those established by the British or American scholars. Belgium plays an important role within this periphery, but also China with Libo Huang, India with Harish Trivedi, Canada with Louise von Flotow, and finally Brazil, where Haroldo de Campos in particular is an internationally quoted scholar. It is true that, in Brazil, as a result of the small cultural revolution which the' Semana de 22' meant, a very own tradition of TS has indeed emerged. The concept of ‘Anthropophagy’, for example, is central to this and has been creatively applied to TS, with the result that Brazil is currently one of the most fertile centres for the discipline. In this workshop we want to bring together some of the most important Brazilian researchers with Belgian researchers from the VUB, Ghent University, KULeuven and the Université de Liège, together with PhD-students of the VUB and Ghent, in order to produce a cross-fertilisation which might lead to a long-lasting collaboration in the immediate future.
Periode8 feb 20189 feb 2018
LocatieBrussels, Belgium
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