The Black British Women Writers website seeks to stimulate the discussion of the literary art of women writers of African and African-Caribbean descent living in Britain. It introduces these authors, the criticism their work has generated and some of the scholars who have produced this criticism; it also provides information about relevant past and future activities, in particular academic events centred on the promotion and exploration of Black British Women’s Writing as a field.

The website is the result of collective work in progress to decolonize the academic curriculum. It grew out of the 1st Expert Seminar on Black British Women's Writing held at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium) in March 2013 and came come about with the financial support of the Flemish research council (FWO Vlaanderen). Over the years it has expanded into its current (continuously evolving) form with the help of many colleagues working on Black British Women Writers as well as my thesis and master students at VUB.
Periode1 okt 2021
EvenementstitelDecolonizing Library Collections: Past, Present and Future
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