Defining and Outlining Inclusion Criteria for the Belgian Defence Technological and Industrial Base

Activiteit: Talk or presentation at a conference


While other EU countries have strategies in place to enhance the potential of their Defence, Technological and Industrial Base (DTIB), there remains a knowledge gap in Belgium to set up a comprehensive strategy to support projects in the sector vital to national security interests and in order to contribute to the build-up of European strategic autonomy. The root of this issue starts with a lack of available mapping of the Belgian DTIB (BE-DTIB). Contrasting this, most other countries do have a clear view of (at least) the core industry. A prerequisite to being able to map the BE-DTIB is to first define what the term BE-DTIB encompasses. Hence, we draw insights from the definitions used by other nations, any prior Belgian studies, as well as from international actors in the field (e.g. Stockholm International Peace Research Institute - SIPRI). The research employs a comparative case studies approach across multiple countries and institutions to derive common generalizations on the definition and mapping inclusion criteria. Once the inclusion criteria for the mapping are outlined, a definition is developed best fitting the Belgian DTIB. The findings set a further step towards a debate for finding a standardized definition, which would enhance comparative analysis of countries when comparisons of their respective DTIB could be done on the same basis.

Periode30 jun 2023
Evenementstitel26th International Conference on Economics and Security
LocatieStockholm, Sweden
Mate van erkenningInternational