DH Benelux 2021 (Evenement)

Willaert, T. (Reviewer)

Activiteit: Membership of peer-review panel or committee


The Humanities in a Digital World
In a year in which our societies have become ever more (post-)digital, the relevance and value of tools and perspective produced by those working in, on, and at the interface of the study of human culture and computing is more relevant than ever. Furthermore, in this time of crisis many core aspects of our work have also shifted into the digital realm, which presents unique new affordances and constraints to our work.

This is felt in all aspects of our scholarly practices and we especially welcome papers that reflect on the Humanities in a Digital world, including but not limited to, the following themes of transition:

Digital Humanities Education and Digital Education in the Humanities
Collection, replication and evaluation of DH datasets and the role and value of FAIR approaches in a time of crisis.
‘True’ interdisciplinarity as a consequence of Digital Humanities and areas of convergence of the Humanities at large due to ongoing and accelated digital transformation of our world.
Beyond this theme we invite submissions of abstracts on any aspect of Digital Humanities: practical experimentation, theorising, cross- and multidisciplinary work, and new and relevant developments.
Periode2 jun 20214 jun 2021
EvenementstitelDH Benelux 2021
LocatieLeiden, Netherlands
Mate van erkenningInternational