El derecho a la energía: perspectivas comparadas entre el marco regional europeo y latinoamericano

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The growing number of human needs that depend on energy to be satisfied has increased over time. This phenomenon has led to energy being considered a fundamental need because of its implications for human dignity and the very survival of the human species. For this reason, the right to energy is increasingly reflected in public agendas and in the international legal framework. However, the commodification of energy and the application of neoliberal techniques to the international energy market have put the right to energy at risk. These effects can be seen to varying degrees in the EU and Latin American regions. In this context, the present research aims to identify the approach taken by the European and Latin American framework with respect to the right to energy. For this purpose, the following legal research methods and techniques were used: historical-legal method, legal-doctrinal method, analytical-legal method, and document analysis. The main result of the research is the identification of the predominant approach to the right to energy in the European and Latin American regional legal frameworks. Both regional frameworks assume the right to energy as part of Consumer Law, however, in Latin America energy services are presented as public services and there are legal pronouncements on the right to energy as a human and fundamental right.
Periode16 nov 2023
EvenementstitelConferencia Internacional: "Desafíos del Derecho en el Siglo XXI": II Taller sobre Derecho, Energía, Alimentación y Desarrollo Sostenible
LocatieCaibarién, Cuba
Mate van erkenningInternational