Electrochemical Nucleation and Growth of Metal Nanoparticles through Multiscale Approach

Mamme, M. H. (Speaker), Monika Lukaczynska-Anderson (Speaker), El Amine Mernissi Cherigui (Speaker), Hubin, A. (Speaker), De Proft, F. (Speaker), Ustarroz Troyano, J. (Speaker)

Activiteit: Talk or presentation at a conference


Nowadays, supporting metal nanoparticles have attracted much interest due to their fascinating physio-chemical properties and potential application in fuel cells, sensors, catalysis, solar to fuel devices and among others. One of the interesting issues from engaging physiochemical properties of supporting nanoparticles is to understand their nucleation and growth mechanism in order to get a good control of their structural and morphological parameters. Although studied for decades, however, the full details are still out of reach [1]. In this presentation, we will first review the classical theory of nucleation and growth and secondly present our recent finding and theoretical development on the growth of an isolated metal nanoparticle using a combined experimental (linear sweep voltammetry, chronoamperommetry and FESEM) and multiscale modelling approach [2-5]. In this presentation we focused on the modelling approach. The use of such a multiscale framework allows studying nanoscale electrochemical deposition as a whole, without the need to assume a dominant growth mechanism such as diffusion or kinetic control [2-5]. The simulation results reveal that the existing theory of nucleation and growth is only valid for some specific conditions. Some of the findings will be discussed in this presentation. References [1]. Ustarroz, J., Hammons, J. A., Altantzis, T., Hubin, A., Bals, S., & Terryn, H. (2013). A generalized electrochemical aggregative growth mechanism. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 135(31), 11550-11561. [2]. Mamme, M. H., Dolgikh, O., Ustarroz, J., Simillion, H., Terryn, H., & Deconinck, J. (2016). A finite element simulation of the electrochemical growth of a single hemispherical silver nucleus. Electrochimica Acta, 197, 307-317. [3]. Mamme, M. H., Deconinck, J., & Ustarroz, J. (2017). Transition between kinetic and diffusion control during the initial stages of electrochemical growth using numerical modelling. Electrochimica Acta, 258, 662-668. [4]. Mamme, M. H., Köhn, C., Deconinck, J., & Ustarroz, J. (2018). Numerical insights into the early stages of nanoscale electrodeposition: nanocluster surface diffusion and aggregative growth. Nanoscale, 10(15), 7194-7209. [5]. Cherigui, E. A. M., Sentosun, K., Mamme, M. H., Lukaczynska, M., Terryn, H., Bals, S., & Ustarroz, J. (2018). On the control and effect of water content during the electrodeposition of Ni nanostructures from deep eutectic solvents. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 122(40), 23129-23142.
Periode10 mei 202014 mei 2020
Evenementstitel237th ECS meeting
LocatieMontreal , Canada, Ontario
Mate van erkenningInternational