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Andrew Adams (Chair), Kevin Harris (Chair), Schaillée, H. (Chair), Ramon Spaaij (Chair)

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Funding bodies seek to promote scientific research that has social or economic impact beyond academia, including in sport management. Sport management scholars frequently collaborate with industry and community stakeholders, and are thus well positioned to contribute to policy and practice in this field. However, with some notable exceptions, to date there appear to be relatively few deliberately designed pathways to research impact in sport management. Knowledge translation in sport management remains largely implicit and is yet to be fully understood. The policy ideal of ‘social or economic research impact’ is not always realized in practice and providing evidence on the complex relationship between knowledge and practice remains challenging for researchers. By scrutinizing the knowledge translation practices of researchers operating in this field, this workshop will contribute to the theoretical and practical understanding of how knowledge translation can be designed and implemented in sport management.
This workshop is designed for sport management researchers and will cover the following aspects:
1. The utility of knowledge translation for researchers;
2. Existing practices in knowledge translation;
3. Enablers and barriers to knowledge translation;
4. Strategies to effectively communicate with different audiences (practitioners, policy-makers);
5. The use of specific research approaches to bridge the research-practice divide (e.g., collaborative approaches to evaluation, action research);
6. The creation of communities of practice where participants can share their experiences, challenges and successes with regard to knowledge translation.
The aim of this workshop is to draw together expertise in the field of knowledge translation, to showcase good practices, and to develop ideas and approaches to enhance sport management practice. This workshop can be a valuable step towards the development of approaches to bridge the research-practice divide in sport management and builds upon a successful knowledge translation seminar series hosted by Bournemouth University, Solent University and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in the summer of 2018. This workshop should be of interest to all researchers in sport management who have an interest in broadening the applied impact of their research. There is also scope for the workshop to attract researchers from other academic disciplines where there is established momentum in knowledge translation. Such an interdisciplinary approach is useful to inform the sport management field and adopt good practice.
Periode3 sep 20196 sep 2019
LocatieSevilla, Spain
Mate van erkenningInternational