German Society for Physiotherapy Science (Externe Organisatie)

Konrad, K. L. (Contributor)

Activiteit: Work on academic committees and working groups


Since 9/2019 I am a active member of the working group "Theory Development".
The Goals of this Working are:

- Theory formation on the subject of physiotherapy and its empirical testing.
- Establishment of an explicit physiotherapeutic science as a standard of education
- Development of research methods that are suitable to examine the subject of physiotherapy appropriately
- Job profile development

The German Society for Physiotherapy Science (DGPTW) is an independent scientific professional organisation. The society’s overarching aim is to promote the development and integration of science and research in physiotherapy, including the link between these and physiotherapy education and physiotherapeutic care. Through this, the DGPTW aims to promote the scientific development of the physiotherapy profession and to foster evidence-based practice in physiotherapy. The DGPTW further aims to stimulate the intra- and interdisciplinary scientific discourse as well as scientific theoretical and methodological pluralism.
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