Health, Law, and Technology (HELT) Symposium 2024

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AI-driven processes represent an important tool for innovation in healthcare and related research. These technologies have allowed new methods of diagnosis, treatment, and research to be envisaged and developed. In addition, AI-based tools are allowing traditional administrative and management processes to be refined, saving resources and improving efficiency. Whilst having immense potential, such changes do not come without concerns. The widespread use of AI has traditionally become associated with problems relating to robustness, fairness and bias. In the domain of healthcare and related research, the potential for harm related to such concerns is in many cases amplified. Furthermore, many are worried about the intrusion of questionable commercial practices or the potential for increased concentration of economic power. Following on the success of HELT 2023, VUB’s Health & Ageing Law Lab (HALL) will explore these themes in this second edition of the HELT symposium, inviting speakers and representative stakeholders across healthcare and research ecosystems.
Periode25 apr 2024
LocatieBrussels, Belgium
Mate van erkenningInternational