HipHop and Muslim Youth Culture

Activiteit: Participating in or organizing a public lecture/debate


In contrast to the dominant discourse that mainly connects Muslims youngsters to the danger of radicalization, , the lecture on Muslim youth, Islam and hip hop sheds a different light on the life worlds of Muslim youngsters.


20:00 - Introduction by Iman Lechkar (Holder of Fatima Mernissi Chair, VUB)

20:20 – Slam poetry by Sukina Abdul Noor (Poetic Pilgrimage) and Samira Saleh

20:40:- Lecture by Jeanette Jouili (University of Pittsburgh): 'Muslim Hip Hop Artists in Britain: Role Models for the Youth and/or Model Citizens?'

21:20 - Debate with Jeanette Jouili, Sukina Abdul Noor and Samira Saleh.

Moderated by Keltoum Belorf (DeWereldMorgen)
Periode11 mei 2017
LocatieBrussels, Belgium