Keynote- SCALE: Smart City as an off-campus Learning Environment

Touhafi, A. (Speaker)

Activiteit: Talk or presentation at a conference


It is clear that all big world cities will need to transform to a smart city within the next two decades, in order to improve the efficient use of its infrastructure, to decrease its operational costs, to improve the quality of life and to foresee its energetic needs while dealing with a fast growing city population. At this very moment many cities are going trought this transformation and the need for personal to build and manage these upcomming smart cities is growing exponentially. Education is playing a major role in the preparation of the right skilled persons and as such we have built some educational tools, which transform a smart city into an open laboratory, where students can improve and practice Science, Mathematics, Technology and Engineering. During this talk we will lay down a basis on the required skills to build and manage smart cities and we will demonstrate how we have transformed those needs into the SCALE tool which has been implemented and tested during the last two years in our Engineering Education.
Periode26 sep 2019
EvenementstitelSmartICT'19: Conference on Smart Information & Communication Technologies
LocatieSaidi, Morocco
Mate van erkenningInternational